About the Club

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Red Kite TREC Group has been formed to promote the sport of TREC and to run training and competitions for members and non-members alike.  Our activities are based in the South Wales area and we welcome any offers to run events of any type within this area.  We wish to encourage increased involvement in the organisation of TREC events and to enable more activities to be offered.


The committee is formed from a range of individuals who have varying degrees of TREC knowledge and skills.  Some compete seriously at Level 4 whilst others do not compete but help to organise competitions, training and events. 

We all however, share a love of the sport of TREC.


Red Kite TREC Group carries out the following activities for its members:

  • *  Annual Affiliated TREC Summer Competition
  • *  Winter Affiliated Arena TREC Competition Series
  • *  TREC Obstacle training
  • *  Endurance Team in the BRC Endurance
  • *  Orienteering training
  • *  Annual Riding Club holiday 
  • *  Social Fun Rides
  • *  TREC Judges training
  • *  Milestone Awards
  • *  Summer & Winter TREC Performance Leagues

If you would like to offer help to the club in any way shape or form, be it running a competition, helping at a competition or offering some form of financial assistance such as event sponsorship then please do contact us,  we would love to hear from you!

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Pictured: Rosemary Cookson riding in the 2015 TREC GB Championships

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